Videoconference Rooms

  • Two fully equipped conference rooms
  • 1 Polycom Viewstation FX multi-point camera
  • 1 Polycom RealPresence Debut camera
  • Virtual Room with remote access
  • 36” Flat screen Magnavox monitors


Video Services: 

Professional Videographers

  • Panasonic AG-AC130 Camcorder
  • Individual microphones and volume balancing
  • Available for travel with attorneys
  • MPEG formatted DVDs

   Video Synching

  • In-Data Software
  • DVD simultaneously displays video with transcript
  • Compatible with Trial Director 

Paperless Transcripts:

  • PDF-it Software
  • Portfolio includes Full-Size, Condensed, Index & ASCII
  • Scanned exhibits

CaseViewNet - Stenograph's FREE iCVNet iPad app features:

  • Text is sent through a secure wireless connection
  • Attorneys receive instant viewing of realtime deposition on an iPad
  • Attorneys are able to receive, view, mark, search and email the transcript