RPR - Registered Professional Reporter who has passed a three-part skills test and a written knowledge test. The skills portion of the test is a dictation test of literary material at 180 wpm, jury charge at 200 wpm, and testimony at 225 wpm.

RMR - Registered Merit Reporter who has passed a skills test of literary matter at 200 wpm, jury charge at 240 wpm, and testimony at 260 wpm, and a merit-level written knowledge test.

RDR - Registered Diplomate Reporter is the highest level of certification a reporter can achieve by passing a written knowledge test, after being an RMR for five years or to RMRs with either a baccalaureate degree or two other NCRA certifications. All RDRs are required to participate in continuing education.

CRR - Certified Realtime Reporter has the ability to write realtime at variable speeds ranging from 180 to 200 wpm with a 96 percent accuracy.

CRC - Certified Realtime Captioner has the knowledge, skill, and ability to produce accurate, simultaneous translation and display of live proceedings utilizing computer-aided translation.